Friday, November 26, 2010

ProFlightSimulator is NOT Flightgear!

Pro Flight Simulator is NOT Flightgear

I've sent an email to Dan Freeman of to inquire:

"Dan, ProFlightSimulator seems to be based on Flightgear. Could you explain why you're charging for this?"


ProFlightSimulator is an open source stand alone Flight Simulator.

As always disclosed this is a split / branch from the FlightGear community and has been set up for a very specific reason.
It's different from FG due to the many major changes to the game.

Here are some of the changes:
  • A plug and play system that works without the hassles of advanced customization

    Makes it easy to start playing the game without having the need to perform complex technical installation.

  • We offer a one stop launch system and makes it easy to add aircraft + scenery.

    No more fiddling with files and not knowing where to copy them. Its a one-click installation process.

  • The complete start up of the game was rewritten to help new users with this issue.
  • There is better hardware and add-on software interfacing capabilities. (Eg: Joystick support)
  • We've incorporated more photo realistic sceneryNew updates are added monthly.

  • Reduce the lag effect in flying
  • New aircraft models are added on a regular basis.
    (FG does not provide new updates very regularly)

  • VATSim network integration! Fly with other pilots on aviation networks. (should be ready in 4 months time)
To be compliant, we've released the game until the GNU/GPL license. All images are attributed and licensed according to their respective licenses. 

There're also planned works to include a few major improvements in the next few months namely:

- Improving joystick interface (one-click configuration with all major flight control hardware)

- Intergrating VATSIM and other network support.

- Constant development of new aircrafts and new sceneries.

It would be much much different from what FlightGear was.

We have a team of paid developers who are working full time to add new code and new ideas to fully develop this

As such, the cost you'll be paying will go into the development of this game. There will be new changes and updates every month.

This is a separate branch of FlightGear and it may be based on it but it is definitely NOT similar in the
aspects mentioned above.

To say it is simply FlightGear would be inaccurate and illegal.

I hope that explains our position

Visit now to download.